Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lady Grey Sew-A-Long

Along with many others, I'm participating in the Lady Grey Sew-Along that's hosted by Gertie. I'm not very good at sticking to a SWAP (see I trailed off or has just been left hanging my Summer Sewing Essentials, 2009 Fall Wardrobe, and 2009 Summer SWAP)... I apparently have some committment issues, but I'm going to do everything I can to stick with this one.  ^_^


Pattern: Lady Grey by Colette Patterns
Fabric: winter white 100% wool from Joann @ $12.50/yd, silky watercolor flowers from Joann @ $7.00/yd

Rooibos and Lady Grey

Lady Grey coat
These pictures are Sarai's (she is the owner of Colette Patterns) pictures from here.

I just fell in love with pattern when it was released... isn't just beautiful?! I was determined to find the right winter white wool for it, too. When I was at Metro Textiles, Kashi pulled a lot of winter white wools for me but they ended up being either too yellow, too thin, or too thick. I know I know... I was being super picky, but I knew if I wasn't happy with the fabric I wouldn't use it or worse I wouldn't like the finished garment after all that work. Believe me, I had been looking for the "perfect" fabric for quite some time now.

I thought it was a hopeless cause and maybe should use something I already had in my stash... but lo and behold the fabric I was looking for was at my local Joann!


Now with my fabric choices set, I'm pretty excited about the sew-along. Plans for the weekend are pre-treating my fabric, finding something in my stash to use as muslin, and tracing the pattern. I'm also creating a Fall 2010 SWAP around my Lady Grey coat... but you know how those SWAPs go... nevertheless I love planning! Have a great weekend!


Michelle said...

Have fun doing the sew along, I love a winter-white coat. It is going to be fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Your coat will look great in those fabrics! Sometimes JoAnn's can surprise....

Eugenia said...

Gorgeous fabrics - the Lady Grey will look lovely in these. I look forward to following your progress!

Shari said...

Wonderful fabrics! I'm sure your coat will be stunning when your finished.

Faye Lewis said...

Great fabric! I so wanted to do the Colette coat in an off white fabric, but knew it just wouldn't be practical for me. I love that lining, it will really make your coat pop.

Angela said...

@Michelle - Thanks! I'm super excited about it!

@ASewnWardrobe - They definitely do surprise!

@Eugenia - Thanks!!

@Shari - I'm so excited about it! Thanks!

@FayeLewis - Hehe.. I don't get to wear coats/jackets much so I think it'll be easy to keep clean. :) Thanks so much! I love the lining that you chose for yours, too!