Saturday, March 29, 2008

Growing Herbs

I planted some seeds in a window sill pot, and they have started to sprout! I didn't think I had a green thumb, but so far not too bad! I can't wait until they're big enough to use for cooking! [Sweet basil, chives, parsley].

Vogue Knitting Spring 2008

I received my Vogue Knitting Spring 2008 magazine in the mail the other day. I love looking through these magazines... I'm such a pattern horde!  Here are some of the patterns I like from the issue...


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Joel Dewberry Fabric

I bought my first set of Joel Dewberry fabric from  It is beautiful!!  (The local quilt stores here didn't carry his line so I had to buy it online.)  
Joel Dewberry Fabric.JPG
I will be making placemats and napkins for a co-worker out of these...
Joel Dewberry Manzanita - V's.JPG
I was going to make some placemats out of the Aviary fabric, but it was too yellow for the person I was going to make it for. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it now... I still love the fabric! Maybe I'll still make placemats and save them for someone else... too bad I can't work on any of these just yet. I have a test in less than a week I need to study for. =P
Joel Dewberry Aviary - Lori's.JPG

I can't wait for his new home dec line to come out!! It's so exciting. It can be previewed here. I especially like this one...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Frenchy Bag Pour Moi

This is my Saturday afternoon project... 

FrenchyBagPourMoi IV.JPGFrenchyBagPourMoi II.JPG

Some modifications: I made the bag about two inches wider, lengthen the straps, and divided the 2 large pockets into four. I'm very pleased with the results. ^___^

~Spring is Here~

It was over 90 degrees here yesterday! It was very warm, but it was nice to put on a sleeveless again. I received a phalaenopsis orchid last year as a gift. I didn't fertilize it and only watered it all year. Well... it starting budding and now it's first bloom after last year! I'm soooo excited and happy! Here are some pictures...


I decided on the knitting my mom some socks for her birthday. This would be my first pair that I knit and first time I try lace. I'm a little bit nervous... the pattern I decided was Hedera on Knitty.

These are my beginnings...

Schachenmayr nomotta Pink II.JPGIMG_4074.JPGIMG_4075.JPGIMG_4076.JPG

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Twinkle Weekend Knits

As I was flipping through the Twinkle Weekend Knits book, I found a few projects I wanted to work on.  Here the pictures from the book.  

Twinkle Nimbus Sweater.JPGTwinkle Meridian Tunic.JPGTwinkle Lilac Mist Throw.JPGTwinkle Urchin Beret.JPGTwinkle Nightfall Cropped Top.JPGTwinkle Wisteria Scarf.JPG

I'm thinking about making the lilac mist throw for my mommy's birthday...

Frenchy Bag

This is my next sewing project. The morning glory fabric (middle) will the be main exterior, the red dots will be the accent exterior, and the blue dots will be the interior. I have the fabric cut out... now I just need to cut the interfacing and start sewing!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Matching Headband

Yesterday was my sister-in-law's birthday, and Chris grilled steaks for the family to celebrate. It was delicious! =)

Saturday night I made a pattern for a wide headband, and sewed up a couple of them. This one was made to match the M5591 skirt from the previous post. (The headband and the skirt were presents to the birthday girl.) I'm pretty pleased with the results. ^__^

Wide Headband I IV.JPG