Thursday, March 17, 2011

FO: Vogue 1189 Dress

Wow... does time fly! It's definitely been a busy few months in every aspect of life... I have been sewing as time permitted so little by little I will be catching up on finished items. My last post left you with a preview so here's the final product!

I've never been really good with meeting any of my self-imposed sewing deadlines (or sew-a-longs for that matter), so this dress was not finished in time for our anniversary; however, I did wear to my brother's graduation at the beginning of December. :)

Pattern: Vogue 1189

Fabric: 100% polyester Watercolor Silky Print (@ $6.99/ yd) from Joann

  • Did not use elastic in the waist or the sleeve bands. I do recommend them though... I realized they're necessary at least of the sleeve bands to keep them up.
  • Accidentally cutout the sleeves in the same direction... I had enough fabric to cut-out another sleeve but it seemed to work fine... I guess this wasn't an intentional modification.

Total Cost: approx. $28.50

Notes: The pattern was easy to work with... it was the fabric that was difficult because it was so slippery. I eventually used fabric stabilizer which was definitely helpful. I do like that the fabric is crinkled and doesn't wrinkle easily; however, that also means is doesn't press well with an iron. Overall, it was a fun pattern, and I love the braid trim even though I wish mine was a little more even.


Other updates:
Lady Grey Coat - slow progress on the handstitching... I hope to finish by next winter because it's definitely spring here in Texas. :)