Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FAIL: Vogue 1151 Dress

Pattern: Vogue 1151 Dress
Fabric: Stretch matte jersey from

There are just too many "wrinkles" on this dress! I should've used a more stable knit... this fabric was too thin and had a little more stretch than I needed.

I tried to finish it by just chugging through it, but I know I won't wear it. All that was left was the hem and slip stitching of the collar. I think the fabric choice was the cause of failure in this dress... and the fact that I probably stretched the fabric will trying to neatly sew the curves and darts... but it's just easier to blame the fabric. =P I really like the style and may give it another go when the right fabric comes along but for now... I don't know what I'm going to do with it.

What do you think? Is there any hope in this dress? I've already resewn all the seams to try to make it less wrinkly, and the drag lines are much worse when it's worn, too. I'm not sure if the lines stand out but they're mainly near the darts in the middle sections as well as the armholes. There are also shiny iron markings on the collar. Oh well... at least it was only a loss of about $5.

Bye bye... dress!


Rebecca said...

That's sad. I hate failed projects! I've made this dress and it really does need a stable knit. I think you should cut the dress up and piece it into a scarf and then used elastic thread to spiff it up. Don't give up on this pattern though. It's a good one. Good luck with your next project!

Adelaide B said...

AHHH! I hate it when that happens. I know failure is an important part of sewing, but it also sucks. I do love the color of this fabric though. I think the scarf idea is a good one.

Barbara said...

Oh, what a pitty. The pattern and color are so nice! You shoud use the fabric to make accessories or adorments for sure, as Rebecca suggested.

Anonymous said...

argh... how frustrating! I have to steer myself away from all kinds of fabric now because I know they'll drive me up the wall.

Eugenia said...

Sometimes things just don't work out as they should!! So annoying but I think that every failure gives us an opportunity to learn something. Next time will work out well!

SuBoo said...

Fails totally suck :(
Great colour and pattern though - but I know how annoying it is when poor fabric choice becomes apparent only after you've cut and put half of it together!
Hope you can resue some of that material for something else.

KID, MD said...

Oh no! You have my sympathy as well. Sewing fails are no fun. That is a great pattern though, and I can totally see it as a good style for you.

Krystal said...

Sorry your dress didn't work out. The color of the fabric is beautiful. Will you try it again in another fabric?

Angela said...

Thanks, ladies, for the encouragement!

@Rebecca - that actually sounds like an excellent idea!
@AdelaideB - the color is great, but it's actually more purple than the pictures... the color in the pictures are not accurate at all! :)
@Barbara - ooo.. accessories... that sounds like a good idea, too! (I know scarves are accessories, too, but now I'm think other ones... maybe flowers?)
@lazystitching - I know what you mean!! It can get so frustrating!
@Eugenia - that's definitely true! Although the garment was a disappointment... I don't feel all that bad about it... I did learn a lot.
@SuBoo - actually have another 1.5 yards left. I'll have to come up with something else to make, too!
@KID, MD - hehe... thanks! I just love cowl necks!
@Krystal - I will definitely try in another fabric... but who know when I'll find the "right" one.

Sheila said...

Sorry about your wadder and totally agree with the other commenter try to salvage the fabric. I can envision cute fitted skully hat and scarf.