Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer SWAP Mini Wardrobe

I love to plan things out... even if it doesn't come into fruition.  =)  I started planning out some classic pieces to add to my summer wardrobe.  Since I have TONS of fabric AND patterns, I'm going to make everything out of my stash.  Here are the essentials I want:

1. Lightweight (which translates to unlined) short-sleeve jacket
2. Skirt
3. Wide-legged pants
4. Summer dress
5. One or two coordinating tops

Here are the patterns I want to use for 1-4:

The jacket, skirt, and pants will be made out of white cotton twill.  The dress will be made from quilting cotton from Joann which is a pretty blue color.  (The one in the picture is the right design and colors, but the colors are arranged differently... the dark blue is the main color, with white flowers and baby blue accents.)  

I'm not quite sure about the tops... I have couple of things in mind, but we'll see.  Pretty excited about this SWAP and hopefully I can actually follow through on it.

I also ordered Weekend Sewing and T-shirt Makeovers from Barnes and Noble.  These should be coming in this week... I'm so excited about them!  More to come once I receive them.


Antoinette said...

The line drawings and your fabric selections all sound so perfectly summer! It will be fun to see the "after" collage. Good luck!

Angela said...

Thanks, Antoinette! That's a really good idea... I should make an after collage when I'm done.

vivatveritas said...

thanks for your comment on my blog! i want to make summer dresses and short jacket too, maybe with roll up sleeves.. i never have enough time to finish all i want to make:p