Monday, September 14, 2009


I washed the black silk charmeuse the other night in the bathtub with a little bit of shampoo and my bathtub was covered in black/purple dye! Hahaha.. later I found that silk doesn't hold color very well especially dark colors (particularly black) from a website... but I can't find the website anymore.

Here are some more tips in handling silk:

I just need to press it and then I will be ready to be cut into the beautiful black silk charmeuse! I wonder if my scissors are too dull to cut into the silk... I suppose I should test it on a corner first. I'll be turning this into a silk blouse using Simplicity 2601 and it will be the first piece in my fall SWAP.

This has definitely been a learning experience. Hopefully, I can summarize my whole experience from purchase of fabric through final product once I finish my project.


Antoinette said...

So did your silk end up gray after some of the dye washed out? I feel like I'm in suspense now!

TitansFan said...

That's funny, my wife did something very similar. She was washing something in our Bath Tub Jacuzzi. The problem here is that she was using scalding hot water. Doing that it pulls out the dye. So remember cold water is color friendly.

Angela said...

@ Antoinette: No, it's still black! :)
@ TitansFan: I did use cold water since I never wash anything even with a hint of color with warm/hot water, but it still bleeds like crazy! :)