Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall/Winter SWAP

I'm only halfway through with my summer SWAP, but I've already drawn and planned out my fall/winter SWAP. I need a wardrobe update as well as some clothes that fit... my existing clothes are getting big. :) Instead of using line drawings of the patterns from the internet, I thought I'd sketch them out. It was pretty fun to do it this way and scan them into Photoshop to do a little coloring. (My graphic design teacher from high school would not be proud of how I cleaned up my edges... oh well...)

Fall Winter SWAP 2009.jpg

I'm going to try to use my fabric and patterns from my stash... I have too many of both of these and need to start using them. :) No more fabric buying until I can use some out of my closet.

My main fabric for the SWAP is a black silk suiting, which is the black chunk on the bottom right corner. I love the texture on it and it will used to make a 4 piece suit... jacket, skirt, pants, and vest... if everything goes as planned and I have enough yardage. I bought last year from

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