Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shopping: Fashion Design Books

We're down to our last few NYC craft stores! Here we have Fashion Design Books right on the FIT campus, but it's not the FIT bookstore.


There are lots of sewing related textbooks and tools available... it looks like a good place to be for a fashion design student. :D Here's a couple of items I picked up that I absolutely love.  I didn't see them here in Texas before NYC, but I saw that my local Joann carries it, too, once I got back of course... they were just in the quilting section.


These are now my go-to marking tools. There were some bad reviews for the chalk set due to markings being permanent. I haven't had an issue, but I would recommend that you test on the fabric first.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, what fun little toys!

Karin said...

I am always looking for new marking solutions. I find knits are the hardest fabrics to mark.

Michelle said...

I have that same chalk set (the top photo) and I have never had issues with the marks being permanent.

Angela said...

@ASewnWardrobe - They really are!

@Karin - me, too. It's not the best, but the chalk pen works the best for me so far.

@Michelle - I agree... I hear that it's the orange color that is particularly difficult to get out and I've been using the blue.