Sunday, June 27, 2010

FO: Father's Day Ties

Pattern:  Father's Day Ties by the Purl Bee
Fabric:  Art Gallery Fabrics Retro-spective Kitchen Bouquet in blue (This was bought at my local fabric shop, The Common Thread.)

I LoVE this fabric!!! It feels like there's a super high thread count and doesn't feel like a typical quilting cotton. I used less than a yard of this fabric to make two ties; however, I wouldn't recommend getting less than a yard since it needs to be cut on the bias.

I made two of these ties out of the same fabric... one for my daddy and one for my father-in-law. They can match! :)

Father's Day Tie

I was able to get a flower right in the middle of the tie... I shouldn't have undone it... oh well!

  1. When using quilting weight, omit the heavyweight sew-in interfacing.
  2. Make sure the fold-lines of the pattern are on the fold-lines of the fabric. I cut the middle piece incorrectly and it make my tie shorter, but it's still long enough to be a tie.
  3. The back-end piece is a little wide when compared to a store bought tie. When tying a double knot, I had to wrap it tightly in order to get the right length... but this is also due to mine be shorter than the pattern.
  4. Be ready to TONS of hand sewing.
Here's a cute gift box idea I used to box the tie in...
Father's Day Shirt & Tie Gift Box by Paper Crave

Yes, I was in a rush and just used tape to adhere the bow tie. Hehe...
Father's Day Gift Box


Barbara said...

Your father wears floral ties!? He rocks! Say hello from me and give him a hug! :-D

Eliana said...

Aws tie, very cute to compose a casual look :))

Angela said...

Thanks! Yes both my dad and my father-in-law do... now if only I can get my husband... :)