Sunday, April 18, 2010

FO: Simplicity 4539 Top

I joined the Spring Month of Tops hosted by Faye. There are lots of great tops already posted on the blog. You should check out if you haven't already. Here's my first top for the month.

Pattern: Simplicity 4539 (out of print - OOP) view E
Fabric: from stash - melon spandex jersey from @ $2.49/yd (ordered 3/25/08) Yay for stash busting!


Below are some mistakes I made that could've been avoided if I went with my gut instinct.
  1. I read the cutting layout incorrectly and did not cut the front and back pieces on the correct grain. (i.e. there's no stretch across the width.) I even though I thought it was incorrect while I was cutting it, but didn't think to double check.  
  2. I put on the collar inside out. As I was pinning the collar, I thought that I should baste it first, but decided I was too lazy and just serged. (By the way, pinning fabric for the serger is different than pinning for the sewing machine... in case you didn't know. I don't want anyone ruining his/her serger.) I should've just basted, then I could of redone the collar.  From the picture above, you can tell that the collar seam will be visible from the outside.
  3. Even though I pinned the collar, some of the front fabric bunched up along the collar seam. You can see it better in the picture below.

Despite all the mistakes, I still like the shirt and will still wear it.  Because of the incorrect layout it's a little tight across the bust and back.  You can see how it pulls and bunches across those areas.



Below are changes that I made and some recommendations:

  1. I didn't hem the top. I have a rather short torso and I liked the length without it being hemmed. Next time, I'll lengthen the top and top it. If you have regular or long torso, I would definitely recommend lengthen the pieces.
  2. My side seams were only 3/8" because there was no stretch, and it was going to be a little too tight with 5/8" seams.
  3. I didn't hem the collar... just because I didn't think it was necessary and I was being lazy.
  4. Double check and make sure you're cutting on the right grain.
  5. Go with your gut instincts!! :)
I think it's a great basic pattern. There's only 3 pattern pieces to this view, and it's SUPER easy. I will definitely be making this again... maybe again this month. :)


Karin van D. said...

Oh those days, in which everything goes wrong. I guess we all know them.:-) Still, the top looks great on you and if you hadn't told me, I would have never guessed you made mistakes making it!

KID, MD said...

Way cute! No one but you will notice the oopsies.

Sheila said...

Just think of your mistakes as designer elements.... cute blouse.

Eliana said...

I love the collar! Is very chic :)

Trudy Callan said...

I love your top. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

Tanya said...

Even with your mistakes it's a great top, love the color.

Angela said...

Thanks, everyone, for your supportive comments! :)

@Sheila - hehe... "designer elements" I like that. ^_^

MAD14kt said...

Even with the mistakes, the top is wearable ;D