Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rest of the Fall Semester

A little bit of sewing... lots of studying and working... good eating for Thanksgiving and our 3rd wedding anniversary!

= V1062 Cropped Jacket =
This was my first jacket and my first time using fleece. (This month was a lot of firsts!) It was super easy and it was unlined. I tried to add pockets, but it was too short to fit them in anywhere.

V1062 A.JPG

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= B5247 Cowl-neck Knit Dress =
I made these dress and wore it out to our 3rd wedding anniversary dinner. I love the way the belt is tied, which was an idea stolen from the envelope cover. (It is the middle one in the picture below.) I realized that all my recent dresses are hot pink. I need to stay away from that color for awhile... Here is the final product...

B5247 Composite.jpg

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Manecoarse said...

What a fantastic job. I love the coat/jacket, and the dress is really nice. I love the color.